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Employee of the Month: Jessica Mao 

Jessica Mao is an RN working as a charge nurse in HKC, the memory care unit at Maryville. She was chosen as April’s employee of the month because of her exemplary dedication to the residents in HKC. Her reliability and flexibility in her assignments have been invaluable. Jessica always has the resident’s best interest in mind.

Jessica migrated from China ten years ago to the United States. She graduated from nursing in China and obtained her RN license through a re-entry program where she completed her requirements in Maryville. She accepted a position in Maryville as Charge Nurse soon thereafter where she has remained ever since. This is her first nursing job in the U.S. Because she has few family members in the U.S., she states, “Maryville is my big family.” She feels that everyone at Maryville is friendly and hardworking and this is why she likes working here.

Jessica loves to travel and takes a trip outside the country every year. She acknowledges that she will not be able to travel this year but remains positive despite the current crisis. She says that this award is so much more meaningful to her because of this.

Congratulations to Jessica, Maryville’s April Employee of the Month.

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