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Lisa has only been with Maryville for five months, but she has gained resident, staff, and management attention with her passion for her job, her willingness to go the extra mile for her residents, and her helpfulness to coworkers when in need. She loves working with the elderly and this really shows in her compassion and the quality of her care. You would think that she has been doing this all her life, but Lisa is actually new to the healthcare industry. She was a mortgage loan officer for ten years and worked in a completely unrelated field before she ventured into healthcare.
She was in nursing assistant class when she found out about Maryville through one of her classmates who was being sponsored by Maryville at that time. She stated she wanted to work with the Sisters and decided to apply. She did not apply anywhere else after that. She has a soft spot for the elderly and loves the way she can impact their lives in a positive way. She loves how she is able to see them come back like champions after being sick. She is happy to work with an excellent team of people. 
On her downtime, Lisa states she does normal “mom things” like driving her kids to lessons and cooking. She plans on pursuing a nursing degree and is in the process of completing her pre-requisites and applying to nursing programs.

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