Sister Mary Joyce Barsotti

Date of passing: April 12, 2021

Sr. Mary Joyce Barsotti (Sr. Peter Mary Barsotti) was born in Portland, Oregon, on July 25, 1940, the 4th of 10 children of…

Sister Kathleen Boyd

Date of passing: April 21, 2022

Born in Beaverton, Oregon, on July 9, 1939, Kathleen Mae Boyd graduated from St. Cecilia Elementary School in 1953 and St. Mary of…

Sister Ruth Etzel

Date of passing: March 15, 2023

Ruth Kathryn Etzel, the daughter of Frank and Anna (Minden) Etzel, was born in Stayton, Ore. on March 13, 1932. She grew up…

Sister Paula Fox

Date of passing: June 30, 2022

Sr. Paula Fox (nee Gertrude Katherine) was born in Watertown, South Dakota on July 25, 1927 to Joseph and Matilda (Cordell) Fox. She…

Sister Mary Ann Hathaway

Date of passing: July 3, 2022

Sr. Mary Ann Hathaway (also known by her religious name Sr. John Mary) was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on May 6, 1931…

Sr. Rose Mary Heineck

Sister Rose Mary Heineck

Date of passing: February 1, 2024

Sr. Rose Mary (also known as Sr. Mary Francine) was born in Bend, Ore. on December 5, 1931 to Benjamin and Josephine (Franck)…

Sister Barbara Jean Laughlin

Date of passing: July 24, 2021

Born in Pueblo, Colorado, on September 19, 1935, to Hazel Lorene (Hankla) and Joseph Laughlin, Barbara Jean Laughlin attended various elementary schools in…

2007 Sister Evelyn Schwall

Sister Evelyn Schwall

Date of passing: May 9, 2024

Sister Evelyn Elizabeth Schwall (Sr. Miriam Joseph) of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon completed her life of joyful service, engaging teaching and…

Sister Jean Marie Van Dyke

Date of passing: December 11, 2021

On March 14, 1939, Petranella (Nellie Vandehey) and Theodore Mathias Van Dyke welcomed Joanne Theresa into their growing Verboort (Forest Grove), Oregon family….

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