Mv Sm May Eom Edith

Edith Kpui was awarded May Employee of the Month at Maryville.

Edith was born in Liberia. She came to the United States in 2017. She loves Maryville because “…it feels like home. Everyone at Maryville feels like a family to her,” said her daughter Seetoe.

CNA Seetoe was awarded Maryville Employee of the month last year in January, so we have mother and daughter bonded by hard work and dedication here at Maryville.

Edith started working with us on April 19th, 2018, and during these two years, she has shown consistency and great attendance. These valuable qualities are so important for employees to have in any organization. We appreciate team members that take attendance and consistency seriously like Edith. 

“This is great! Edith does a great job in our unit,” said Candy Smith, Assistant Administrator and Administrator at Mayville Memory Care. 

Thank you, Edith, for being a great example and we encourage you to keep improving with us during these complicated days.

Congratulations to Edith, Maryville’s May Employee of the Month.

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