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Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Celebrate 565 Years of Commitment and Excellence.

The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon (SSMO) celebrate the jubilees of nine remarkable women whose unwavering commitment and dedication have spanned an impressive 565 years combined.

Sister Angeline Sohler, Sister Rita Rose Stohosky, Sister Janet Slingerland, Sister Agnes Marie Vandecoevering, Sister Anne Vandecoevering, Sister M. Juliana Monti, Sister Juanita Villarreal, Sister Barbara Rose Sohler and Sister Michael Francine Duncan have left an indelible mark on thousands of people through their selfless service and outstanding contributions.

“I am honored to be included with these remarkable women who epitomize community care through faith and action,” said Sister Michael Francine Duncan, SSMO Superior General and 25-year Jubilarian. “Their contributions to our education, health care, and outreach ministries have enabled thousands of people worldwide to thrive.”

Celebrating her 80th Jubilee, Sister Angeline Sohler is the eldest member of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon. She is a talented artist and avid hiker who has spent a lifetime modeling her commitment to God for the Sisters and the countless children she has taught through the years.

Sister Rita Rose Stohosky, celebrating her 70th Jubilee, has been a beacon of light in the field of education. Sister Rita Rose has played a pivotal role in shaping young minds and fostering a love for learning – serving as a teacher at several educational institutions for 48 years. Having also served as a nurse, eucharistic minister, and volunteer for several nonprofits, she is the embodiment of faithful obedience to God’s calling.


Sister Janet Slingerland also commemorates her 70th Jubilee. Thirty years of teaching was just the beginning for Sister Janet, who went back to school and served in health care for several years. As a Chaplain, Sister Janet provided solace and support to many people coping with trauma. Sister Janet’s unwavering commitment to spiritual guidance has made her a beloved figure within the community.

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Sister Agnes Marie Vandecoevering and Sister Anne Vandecoevering are an inseparable duo who are celebrating their 70th Jubilee. Inspired by their older sister, Sister Clare, who celebrated her 75th Jubilee last year, they entered the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon together in 1953. The Vandecoevering Sisters have made a significant impact teaching and serving children, especially through their summers teaching catechism and religious vacation schools across the region.


Sister Mary Juliana Monti has dedicated six decades to serving God through music. Raised in a devout Catholic family, her love for music and passion for teaching blossomed at a young age. As an integral part of the Sisters’ music school, she introduced various instruments to students and brought music theory to the curriculum. While she has achieved musical excellence, her true fulfillment comes from witnessing her students’ spiritual and musical growth.


Sister Juanita Villarreal, known for her compassionate heart and tireless advocacy for the marginalized, is celebrating her 60th Jubilee. Throughout her six decades of service, Sister Juanita has worked extensively with children and immigrant communities. Sister Juanita’s unwavering dedication to meeting the needs of others has inspired countless people to pursue a path of service and compassion.

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Sr. Barbara Rose Sohler is celebrating her 60th Jubilee. She has dedicated herself to teaching and serving children all over the world. Sister Barbara Rose has studied and taught in the U.S., Jordan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Japan, South Korea, and Austria. For Sister Barbara Rose, these experiences have been built by her desire to draw closer to God and live a purpose-filled life.


Sister Michael Francine Duncan celebrates her 25th Jubilee. After a successful 25-year career at British Gas in Scotland, she returned to the U.S. and prayed for God to lead her. She found her home with the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon. The routine, discipline, and encouragement to pray was precisely what she needed. She has used her organizational business skills to serve her community in several unique ways. As the current SSMO Superior General, Sister Michael Francine embraces the responsibility to help guide her community to follow God’s direction.

The jubilee celebrations for these Sisters are a testament to their enduring commitment to faith, service, and compassion. Their combined 565 years of dedication have left an indelible mark on the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Community and beyond. Through their selfless work, they have embodied the Sisters’ Core Values and Mission, providing community care through faith and action for thousands of people around the world.

These are just nine of the stories that make up the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon. These valiant women of prayer have faithfully served God and their community for more than 137 years.

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About the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon:
Founded in 1886, the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon live as women of prayer in simplicity and sisterly love who are called to be compassionate, joyful servants of the Lord. There are currently 44 Sisters in the SSMO Community, most of whom live in the historic domed Motherhouse in Beaverton, Ore.

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The Sisters’ sponsored ministries include Valley Catholic School, Maryville Care Center, the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation, and Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Ministries Corporation. Approximately 550 people partner with the Sisters serving more than 1200 children and 120 Maryville residents and supporting dozens of ministries throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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