Nine Remarkable Women; 565 Years of Commitment and Excellence

Each year the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon honor their Sisters who have reached a significant milestone of prayer, vocation, ministry and service to God through Jubilee.

The nine women who are honored this Jubilee have left an indelible mark on thousands of people through their selfless service and outstanding contributions. 

Thank you Sister Angeline Sohler, Sister Rita Rose Stohosky, Sister Janet Slingerland, Sister Agnes Marie Vandecoevering, Sister Anne Vandecoevering, Sister M. Juanita Villarreal, Sister M. Juliana Monti, Sister Barbara Rose Sohler and Sister Michael Francine Duncan for your 565 combined years of commitment and service.

The 2023 Jubilarians

Sr. Angeline Sohler

A lifetime of creative service to God. 

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Sr. Rita Rose Stohosky

God, what are we doing today?

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Sr. Janet Slingerland

No matter what area you choose to serve in, you are here to help people.

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Sisters Anne and Agnes Marie Vandecoevering

An inseparable and dynamic team of compassionate servants and teachers.

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Sr. Juanita Villarreal

When you are called, it is time to go.

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Sr. Juliana Monti

The joy of serving God through music.

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Sr. Barbara Rose Sohler

Growing in her love for God and his natural world.

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Sr. Michael Francine Duncan

Thriving under the structure of God’s guidance.

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