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Stay Up-to-date with Campus Celebrations

As we countdown the days to Christmas, our campus is gearing up for a series of special holiday events. For those eager to join in the festivities, stay tuned to our campus events calendar.

Valiant High School Choir, Band and Orchestra Concerts (Dec. 6)

VCHS – A Valiant Christmas (Dec. 7)

Students of Valley Catholic High School will spread the magic of Christmas through these concert and dramatic performances this week.

Next week, Dec. 11-15 is also full of magical Christmas events:

Valley Catholic Elementary School Kindergarten Performances are Dec. 12 and 14.

Prepare for an adorable showcase as the Valley Catholic Elementary School’s youngest Valiants take the stage live on December 12 and 14 for their holiday performances.

Valley Catholic Middle School Choir, Band, Orchestra and Dance Performances on Dec. 13. Be sure to check out our talented middle schoolers as they bring you their joy-filled performances.

Valley Catholic Early Learning School Christmas Program (Dec. 14). Our youngest Valiants will take the stage and fill your hearts with a special program.

Valley Catholic Elementary School’s 1st to 3rd Grade Christmas Performance will also bring you the joy of Christmas on Dec. 14.

Finally, join us and your Valiant Alumni friends at our Alumni Night at Valiant Basketball on Dec. 15.

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