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Girls 4x400

In an electrifying display of athleticism, Morgan Amano, a junior at Valley Catholic High School, left spectators in awe with his personal best performance at the championship event. While his remarkable victory in the 1,500-meter race stole the show, Amano’s exceptional talent extended to the 800-meter event as well, where he secured an impressive second-place finish with a time of 1:55.84.

Among other standout performers was Drew Klopcic, who left a mark in the 400-meter race, securing an impressive third-place finish with a time of 50.43 seconds. Not far behind, Riley Reinikka demonstrated his remarkable speed and resilience, finishing eighth in the same event. 

Reinikka’s success didn’t end there, as he continued to shine in the 200-meter race, clinching a well-deserved third-place finish with a time of 22.85 seconds. Klopcic, showcasing his versatility, also made his presence felt in the triple jump, where he leaped an impressive 12.52 meters, securing a fourth-place finish.

Adding to the Valley Catholic team’s success were Elijah Schaal, who displayed his skills in the high jump and finished sixth, and Ryan Hoffman, who showcased his endurance in the 3,000-meter event, capturing a commendable third-place finish.

The Valiants’ collective effort extended to the relay events as well. The 4×400 relay team, comprising talented athletes, fought hard and secured a fourth-place finish with a time of 3:28.17, contributing valuable points to the team’s overall performance.

Not to be overshadowed, the Valley Catholic girls team also displayed their determination and skill. The 4×100 relay team, consisting of Asha Thanik, Calista Everson, Yenny Gray, and Lauren Klopcic, delivered an outstanding performance, claiming a well-deserved third-place finish with a time of 52.18 seconds.

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