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The Fall/Winter edition of Spirit magazine is now available to view online.

About this issue

Celebrate God and Life – an in-depth look at one of the Sisters’ core values. God intends for His people to celebrate this life. This issue looks at the many ways everyone on the SSMO campus celebrates God and the amazing life He has provided us.

Spirit Archives

2002 to present

Celebrate God and Life – Fall/Winter 2023-24

Live Valiantly – Spring/Summer 2023

Honor the Unique Gifts of Each Person – Fall/Winter 2022-23

Strive for Excellence – Spring/Summer 2022

Rooted – Fall/Winter 2021

Perspective – Spring/Summer 2021

Resilience and Gratitude – Fall/Winter 2021

 Connected – Spring/Summer 2020

Thankful – Fall/Winter 2020 

Spring-Summer 2019

Let’s Play
Fall-Winter 2018

Acts of Kindness
Spring-Summer 2018

Fall 2017-Winter 2018

A Day in the Life of Our Campus
Spring-Summer 2017

Making History
Fall 2016-Winter 2017

Changing Lives
Spring-Summer 2016

Our Campus as a Canvas
Fall 2015-Winter 2016

One Campus. One Community. One World.
Spring-Summer 2015

Ring Out Fall
2014-Winter 2015

Opening Doors
Spring-Summer 2014

Winning Performance
Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Spring-Summer 2013

Fall 2012-Winter 2013

Spring-Summer 2012

Spring-Summer 2011

Celebrating 125 Years of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon
Winter 2010-11

Fall 2010-Winter 2011

Spring-Summer 2010

Winter 2010

Spring-Summer 2009

Winter 2009

Fall 2006-Winter 2007

Changing Times, Lasting Values
Spring 2006

Caring for Oregon’s Most Fragile Children
Fall 2005

A Groundbreaking Journey
Summer 2005

Good As Gold
Fall 2004

Richness in Diversity
Spring 2004

A Centennial Celebration
Summer 2003

An Illustrious History and a Bright Future
Spring 2003

Changing Times, Lasting Values
Summer 2002