About SSMO Ministries Corporation

Committed to promoting the dignity, respect, and value of each person

Mission Statement


The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon (SSMO) Ministries Corporation, inspired by the charism and mission of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, is committed to promoting the dignity, respect, and value of each individual through all stages of life as it seeks to:

  • Integrate the SSMO mission into the lives of the people who serve in and those who benefit from the Sisters sponsored ministries.
  • Facilitate respectful collaboration among all these ministries
  • Provide oversight of these ministries through proper governance and due diligence
  • Ensure the continuity and vitality of all these ministries into the future.

Philosophy Statement

MS/ES Chapel

God sent Jesus as prophet, healer, teacher and redeemer to initiate the Kingdom of God and to bring human beings into communion with God and with each other. The apostolates of the Roman Catholic ecclesial community are inspired by the example of Jesus Christ and provide significant services to society.

The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon (SSMO), living as women of prayer in simplicity and sisterly love are called to be compassionate, joyful servants of the Lord. The Sisters share in the mission of Jesus by proclaiming the Good News of God’s love as they provide community care through faith and action. They draw on the values of the past to touch and shape lives in the future as they live valiantly, honor the unique gifts of each person, strive for excellence, and celebrate God and life.

The SSMO Ministries Corporation provides the means to extend the mission of Jesus as it is especially characterized through the particular charism of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon. The legacy of the Sisters lives on as Sisters and lay men and women cooperate and collaborate to promote the ministries which seek to fulfill the SSMO mission as effective instruments of Christ’s prophetic, healing, teaching and redeeming love.


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The SSMO Ministries Corporation provides services that support the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon and their sponsored ministries. Responsibilities include strategic planning and oversight, information technology, human resources, finance, facilities, development and fundraising, and communications and marketing for a skilled health care facility providing long- and short-term skilled care and memory care for more than 180 people each day and a school system serving nearly 1,000 students annually from infancy through high school. The SSMO Ministries Corporation is also responsible for the maintenance of onsite housing for more than 60 constituents – with additional responsibilities for two satellite locations on the Oregon Coast. The corporation includes nearly 500 staff members – including school faculty and certified health care professionals.