Spirit Magazine

SSMO Core Value Series

The SSMO Ministries Corporation’s Communications Team enjoyed researching and sharing the stories that took us on the 4-part expedition into the Core Values of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon. The Communications Team’s goal when we started this journey was to take an intentional look at the Core Values and share a few shining stories of how the values inspire the work at each entity on this campus. 

This journey taught us that the Sisters’ Core Values encompass everything and inspire everyone on this campus. The stories we shared throughout the series were a small fraction of the amazing work that is performed by valiant people campus-wide. We hope that you will find your own inspiration through the stories about the Sisters and the dedicated people who help support the Sisters’ sponsored ministries.

The Sisters’ Core Values teach us that by consistently sharing God’s love with others and following Christ’s example, we will live out these Core Values and, ultimately, grow closer to the person God is molding us into.

A person who: 

  • Lives Valiantly by sharing Christ’s love through even the simplest of gestures
  • Strives for Excellence by following Christ’s model of consistent love
  • Honors the Unique Gifts of Each Person because they understand that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in Christ’s image
  • Celebrates God and Life because they appreciate the eternal hope we have in Christ

Thank you for joining us on this 4-part expedition. We hope that you will look back and find your own inspiration in each issue of the Core Value Series.

Have a blessed day,

Brad Hilliard, APR
Chief Communications Officer
Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Ministries Corporation