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Creating a will is one of the simplest and most important ways to protect your assets and make sure they are used to support the people and causes you love. To put it simply, it is the most effective way to leave a generational gift.

Unfortunately, 67 percent of Americans do not have a will or any type of estate plan. There are several myths that prevent people from making a will. For many people, it is either believing they do not have enough time or thinking they should wait until they have more assets to distribute.

The good news is that these are just myths. Creating a will can take as little as 20 minutes and is something you can do at almost any stage of life.

Building a will enables you to direct what happens to your property and your assets when you die. It is one of the best ways to support your family and protect your legacy after you pass. Without a will in place, these important decisions are left for a state court to decide. This process, known as probate, can be costly, can take months or even years to complete, and can be difficult for your family.

This is why the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation partnered with FreeWill: a free estate planning tool to help you create a will, for free, in as little as 20 minutes. This free resource helps you direct how your property and assets will be allocated to the people and causes you care about the most.

A will can help you designate important items such as:

  • How to pay for your child’s education
  • Who will receive special or valuable personal items
  • Which organizations will receive gifts of cash, stock or property

You can even leave instructions in your will for how to care for your pets and provide requests for your funeral. Most importantly, it gives you and your family peace of mind knowing that all of your interests are set.

Creating a will is an important and simple way to support your family and provide a gift to the people and causes you care about the most.

Take some time to create a gift for your loved ones that can last a lifetime, for free, today.

Visit ssmofoundation.org/planned-giving to learn more about our partnership with FreeWill and explore all of the free tools available to help make estate planning and gift giving simple and quick.    

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