Building a Valiant Partnership

The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon’s mission is to provide the opportunity for a faith-based, Catholic education to every person who wishes to receive one. Valley Catholic School is blessed to stand on these Valiant Women’s shoulders to carry this mission forward.

The primary way we accomplish the Sisters’ Valiant mission is to keep tuition rates as affordable as possible.

The tuition cost for your child covers approximately 80% of the actual cost of a Valley Catholic education. The remaining 20% is covered through tax-deductible, charitable donations.

2023 Bridging The Gap Valiant

Valley Catholic does not receive any financial support from the federal government, the State of Oregon, the Archdiocese of Portland or local parishes. We rely on your charitable support to fulfill this Valiant mission.

Your tax-deductible gift directly supports your child’s education and builds a valiant partnership with VCS and the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon.

The Actual Cost of a VCS Education:

*Based on 2024-25 tuition rates.

ES student studying


Tuition $10,780 + Your Gift $2,350 =
Actual Cost $13,130

middle school students working on an earthquake project in class


Tuition $14,700 + Your Gift $3,175 =
Actual Cost $17,875

Graduation Speech


Tuition $18,930 + Your Gift $4,600 =
Actual Cost $23,530

Consider making a tax-deductible donation that covers the full tuition for your child, or give what you can to support Valley Catholic students. Your generous support helps continue the valiant legacy of the VCS parent-school partnership. By including the gift in your child’s application, you have the option to include it as part of your monthly tuition payment plan.

The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon and Valley Catholic School have maintained a commitment to educational excellence and student success for more than 120 years. Your tax-deductible gift ensures that your child has access to an exceptional VCS education and the limitless opportunities it provides. 

Thank you for trusting Valley Catholic School with the education of your child.