Legacy Of Service And Love - Sr. Josephine
Sr. Josephine

Sr. Josephine is saying goodbye as she starts her retirement adventures. It’s like turning the page to a new chapter in her life. Let’s wish her well on this exciting journey!

In the early 1970s, Sister Josephine started working at Maryville, beginning a career that would shape an essential part of the care center’s legacy. Through the years, she took on different roles, going from a nursing assistant to charge nurse, resident care manager, and even interim Director of Nursing.

Sr. Josephine’s journey also went beyond Maryville, exploring acute care and learning about chaplaincy. Then, in 2008, she came back to Maryville as its first official Chaplain. This showed not just her commitment to caring for others but also her connection to the Maryville community.

Every morning at Maryville you will still find Sr. Josephine around the facility volunteering as a sacristan. In her new role, she will get things ready for Mass and make sure Holy Communion reaches Catholic residents who cannot make it to Maryville’s Chapel.

Thank you, Sr. Josephine, for the countless years of providing Service with Love.

Legacy Of Service And Love Party Group Photo
Sr. Josephine celebrated with friends and family at her retirement reception.

Click here to learn more about the life and ministry of Sr. Josephine Pelster.

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