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Join us for the next exciting Speaker Series event on Monday, March 18 at 6:30 p.m. via Google Webinar. Dr. Eric Anctil will join us for an interesting and timely discussion about AI and how it can be used to support parents, educators and students.

All events are virtual and free – register today.

The AI Revolution –
Empowering Parents and Educators in the Digital Age

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Presented by Dr. Eric Anctil, Professor of Media and Technology at the University of Portland, this webinar will explore how advancements in artificial intelligence can support parents and educators in raising the next generation. This timely and interesting discussion will consider the latest developments in AI and how they can be leveraged to help equip students with essential life skills.

Dr. Eric Anctil is a professor of media and technology at the University of Portland where he directs various graduate programs and teaches a variety of disciplines. Dr. Anctil has taught in higher education since 1999 and was a teacher at Valley Catholic School in the mid 1990s.

Dr. Anctil has presented and keynoted at numerous conferences, appeared on a variety of radio and podcast shows, and has been an invited speaker to groups of all ages. In addition to public appearances, he regularly consults with colleges and universities, private businesses and non-profit organizations, about issues related to technology, artificial intelligence, applied ethics, and the nexus of humans and machines.

Dr. Anctil is also the the producer and host of “The Secret Life of Tech,” a media project and companion podcast that explores how technology is changing the way humans work, live, love, and even hate. “The Secret Life of Tech” tells the story of the secret lives that exist beneath the technology we use every day.

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