Mv Seetoe Garmondeh Eom Jan 19 Feature
Seetoe Garmondeh Maryville Employee of the Month January 2019

Seetoe Garmondeh was awarded employee of the month on January 4, 2019.

Originally from Nigeria, Seetoe moved to America in 2007. Fast forward eight years later, Seetoe earned her CNA license and immediately applied at Maryville. She joined the team in April 2016.

“I love taking care of people, it’s my passion. I love helping people in need,” said Seetoe. “And I love working at Maryville because it is like a family. I love my co-workers; we are a great team.”

Mylene Cepeda, director of nursing services said, “She wins the hearts of her residents with her kind heart and the brightest smile!”

Congratulations to Seetoe Garmondeh, Maryville’s January Employee of the Month.

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