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Employee of the Month: Vickie Sigler

Vickie may work quietly in the back office, but her work did not go unnoticed, as she was the unanimous nominee for the November Employee of the Month at Maryville.
Vickie joined the Maryville team in July 2018 as an administrative assistant, but her duties have grown since that time. Vickie is always ready and willing to help her co-workers on any project. Here is just a sample of the work Vickie does:

-Helping at the front desk
-Ordering supplies and equipment
-Running errands
-Scanning and uploading documents

-And most recently, daily lab deliveries.

She is willing to tackle any project! Vickie is professional, trustworthy, and reliable.
Kathleen Parry, Maryville administrator, says, “Thank you, Vickie, for all that you do not only for me but for all of us. Congratulations!”

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