Feb Mv Eom Bertha Cortes
February 2019 Employee of the Month: Bertha “Itzel” Cortes

Itzel Cortes was awarded employee of the month on February 1, 2019. Friends and colleagues gathered in Maryville’s main lobby for the surprise announcement. Itzel was praised for her hard-work, her pro-activeness and her beautiful smile that could light up any room she enters!

“I was raised by a single mother with three children. She has always taken care of everyone around her and I have always admired that about her,” said Itzel. “Thanks to my mother, I’ve learned how to care for others and to work very hard. I am so grateful to her for being my role model and giving me high standards on work ethic. I have been a caregiver for six years and I LOVE IT! I love being able to put a smile on peoples’ faces! And I love that my mother works here as well.”

Candy Smith-Kimani, administrator of Maryville Memory Care said, “From day one, she has been amazing by going well beyond what has been asked of her. Her care and passion for each of our residents is truly admirable.”

Congratulations to Bertha “Itzel” Cortes, Maryville’s February Employee of the Month.

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