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Maryville is lucky to have SONAM GANUB. She is a Certified Medication Aide in the West Unit. Sonam is from Tibet, which borders India, and she often serves as an interpreter for our residents from India.  

She started working at Maryville 14 years ago, on Sept. 27, 2007. When she first started, she rode public transportation – transferring twice just to get to work. 

During all her years of service, she has rarely called out. The last time was approximately four years ago. Sonam loves working at Maryville and loves being with our residents. She has a very pleasant and happy personality and gets along well with everyone. 

Sonam is a team player and helps the unit as much as she can. She is well liked by the staff, who have been telling me to nominate her as employee of the month. In addition to her regular duties, she answers call lights whenever she can and assists staff with helping the residents. 

Sonam, we cannot thank you enough for working so hard.

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