Romelia Calderon

Romelia Calderon has worked in the Maryville Dietary department for five and a half years. During that time, she has learned four different positions within the department. Romelia loves working at Maryville. She likes the environment, the residents and the nursing staff. When Romelia is out on the floor delivering meal carts, she loves seeing the faces of the residents. She enjoys the fact that she can serve the elderly as part of her everyday work and because of this, the time has passed by very quickly. She thought she had only been here for about three years and was surprised to realize she has worked at Maryville for over five years.  Romelia is originally from Guerrero, Mexico.  She has three children, two boys and a daughter. Her youngest boy who is 10 was so proud of his mom when she brought home her Employee of the Month plaque. He was so happy she won this award.  He knows how hard his mom has been working.  Romelia has supported her team, the residents and Maryville during the challenges we all have experienced during COVID-19 times. She has picked up many open and available shifts to keep things running smoothly. When Romelia is not working, she enjoys playing with her kids and shopping.  

Congratulations to Romelia who is a well-deserved recipient of the Employee of the Month award.  

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