VCES Student Pick-up Guide

Follow these simple guidelines for the safe and efficient dismissal of all VCES students.

Watch for staff direction and no cell phone use during pick-up

VCES staff will make sure your child gets to your car. Keep your eyes on us for directions and keep the crosswalks clear.

Stay in your car and display your pick-up number

Students are only allowed to get into the passenger side (curb side) of your vehicle.

Display your pick-up number on the dashboard or passenger side window.

Have your child place all items inside the car – do not open the trunk.

If your child needs assistance, walk-up instead of using the drive-up line.

ES student with parent

Walk-up procedures

Keep all sidewalks clear for students getting into cars and keep the area in front of the main doors clear.

Promptly leave the pick-up area when you have gathered your child

Kindergarten students should be picked up in the coned-off area by the windows

Thank you for your help providing a safe and healthy environment for VCS students, their parents, our staff and all of the guests on the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon campus.