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March Employee of the Month: Melinda Anderson
Melinda Anderson and her family moved to Maryville in May of 2019 from Nevada. She was tired of the desert heat, so the weather and the beautiful Oregon scenery was a big factor in deciding to move. She has worked in healthcare for eight years. She stated that every time they came to visit Oregon, they would pass by the SSMO campus and she would always be awed by how beautiful it was so when they decided to move, she applied for a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) position right away.

Melinda’s home unit is the memory care unit of Maryville, known as the Henry Kuckenberg Center (HKC). She truly has become one of the gems of HKC. Her compassion and genuine care for the residents can be observed by her willingness to help any resident in need. She always has a ready smile and greeting when you pass by her in the hallways. Her reliability is commendable. Melinda will never miss a shift if she can help it! During her free time, she hangs out with her son and they are trying to learn the piano together. She hopes to play for the residents someday.

Melinda states she feels truly honored to work at Maryville. “I love it here and I consider this place my second home.”

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