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David Sutton is Maryville’s Employee of the Month for June!

David is a wonderful CNA who has been at Maryville for four years. One of his best qualities is that he never fails to brighten up the workplace.

David is known for his excellent communication skills and flexibility. He is always willing to go above and beyond for his co-workers and all of Maryville’s patients. This often includes working with different units and residents when needed. He follows patients’ care plans meticulously, consistently provides accurate reports everything accurately, and is not afraid to ask questions.

Maryville Employee of month
Maryville Employee of month

David is very punctual and follows through with his tasks. His dedication is matched only by his sense of humor, making him a joy to work with and a cherished member of the team.

The work of a CNA can be difficult, but David never lets it bring him down. He is an exemplary member of the team.

Keep up the great work, David.


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