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Dear Families and Friends:

What is it like to be 132 years old? On our campus, March is known as SSMO Heritage Month. On March 25, we Sisters will commemorate the day 132 years ago when the first five Sisters professed vows! This video – a favorite of our Sisters – reminds us that we are “Standing on the Shoulders” of the ones who came before us.

Time has passed and, like everyone, we have grown and changed. We strive to “keep on keeping on” for the sake of our mission to bring the love of God to those we encounter.

For the last 10 years, the students in Valley Catholic School have joined in our celebration of this mission of love by praying with and for us at special assemblies in March. They continue to fill our hearts with gratitude for who they are and the values they are learning and acting upon. Our gratitude for them is matched by their expression of gratitude to us for the opportunities they have at Valley Catholic School.

Because of the students, staff and faculty at Valley Catholic School and the residents and caregivers at Maryville, the Sisters pray in gratitude for how the mission of bringing God’s love enlivens the whole campus. We have “Hearts Alive for God” (as the banners at the entrance of campus proclaim) and look forward to another 132 years and more!

Wishing you many blessings!

Sr. Charlene Herinckx
Superior General

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