Jennifer Lidgus Employee Of The Month V2

Jennifer is one of the Charge Nurses on Maryville’s skilled unit east. Jen, as we fondly call her, is an asset not just to her unit but to Maryville in general. She is almost always on duty every day as she rarely says no when staffing asks her to help fill a shift. Jen is a very skilled nurse with solid critical thinking skills and knowledge. She will also work as a nursing assistant during those times when there is an urgent need for CNAs on the floor.
Jen’s career in Maryville started when she was urged to apply by a former co-worker who had started work in Maryville as a Resident Care Manager. Jen joined Maryville in 2015. She admits that it is really hectic in their unit right now but appreciates the support and appreciation of her Resident Care Managers.
Lately, it seems that Jen hardly gets any free time, but on days that she is off, she enjoys herb gardening in what she describes as “her tiny house in her Mom’s backyard.” She likes outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and swimming. When asked about family, she beams with pride as she declares that she is Mom to the most wonderful adult son and grandma to a two-year-old boy. She hopes to retire early and travel the world.

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