Booster Club Bylaws

The Valley Catholic High School Booster Club Bylaws were adopted on March 6, 2023.



1.1. Name. The organization shall be known as the Valley Catholic High School Booster Club (“VCHS Booster Club”).  

1.2. Mission.

1.2.1. Our mission is to foster an environment that inspires students, coaches, parents and the community to collectively create a positive and spirited  atmosphere for all activities within the scope of the OSAA (Oregon School  Activities Association).  

1.2.2. VCHS Booster Club members are volunteers who wish to serve and lead  by example. 

1.2.3. The VCHS Booster Club is a group of parents and other supporters of  VCHS, with the help of school administrators, whose mission is to enrich the community by providing support for OSAA activities. We are dedicated to the continued support of our students, coaching staffs, and fine arts staff. We strive to support athletic and academic excellence, create a winning school spirit, promote team unity, and maintain  the history and tradition of excellence for all students of VCHS. We adhere to the values of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon with excellence in everything and opportunities for everyone. 

1.2.4. We promote and support a positive image of Valley Catholic High School in the community. 

1.2.5. We support the mission, philosophy, policies, and core values of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon. 


2.1 To provide support to Valley Catholic High School through community-building, volunteer coordination, and fundraising efforts relating to OSAA activities and the VCHS fine arts programs.  

2.2 To encourage and help to maintain existing OSAA activities and VCHS fine arts  programs.  

2.3 To aid in the development of new programming when appropriate.  


3.1 Members of the VCHS Booster Club are parents, legal guardians, coaches, school administration, and activity leaders of Valley Catholic High School. 

3.2 Membership is also open to any other interested adult including but not limited to VCHS alumni, extended family and friends of VCHS students or alumni. 

3.3 All members are welcomed and encouraged to attend the VCHS Booster Club General Meetings and Committee Meetings. 

3.4 In context of membership, the VCHS Booster Club Executive Committee reserves the right to conduct an assessment of potential conflicts of interests, purposes, and/or underlying intentions of an individual and/or entity to ensure that all are consistent and beneficial to the Club’s mission and purposes as set forth in Articles 

1 and 2 above. The Executive Committee may refuse membership if a conflict of interest is identified. 

3.5 All members and officers who work directly with the students are required to have cleared the background check and have completed and be up to date on their school mandated certification and training. 

3.6 VCHS Booster Club will have incentivized membership tiers to be defined by the  Membership Committee. 


4.1 VCHS Booster Club General Meetings will be held monthly on the 1st Monday of  the month at 7 p.m. Meetings are not held in July, August, and January. 

4.1.1 General Order of VCHS Booster Club General Meetings. The following is a  suggested order of business: 

Call to order by the presiding officer 


Principal/Teacher Report 

President Report 

Treasurer’s Report 

Committee Reports 

Update on Upcoming Events 

Recap of Concluded Events 

Unfinished Business/Open Forum 

Adjournment by Presiding Officer 

4.1.2 The VCHS Booster Club Secretary shall publicize public meetings and special meetings called by the VCHS Booster Club President.  

4.2 VCHS Booster Club Executive Committee Meetings shall be held monthly on the 1st Monday of the month at 6 p.m. Meetings are not held in July, August,  and January. 

4.2.1 Quorum for Meetings: The Booster Club Secretary shall conduct a roll call and ensure that a quorum of at least four (4) Officers are present to conduct  Executive Committee meetings. 

4.3 Meetings will be held in the VCHS Library whenever possible. Alternate sites may be utilized if necessary or appropriate.  


5.1 Officers: The VCHS Booster Club Executive Committee shall comprise of at least  five and at most seven officers.  

5.1.1 The Executive Committee must have the following elected officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  

5.1.2 The Executive Committee may include the following elected positions: Volunteer Coordinator and Member-at-Large.  

5.1.3 The Executive Committee may include a representative from the VCHS  Student Body Council (to be appointed by the SBO Leadership Director). 

5.1.4 The Executive Committee will include the VCHS Principal, Athletic Director and Fine Arts Director as non-voting officers.

5.2 Election: 

5.2.1 Officers shall be nominated at the September meeting. 

5.2.2 Elections shall be held at the October meeting.  

5.2.3 New officers shall assume their duties at the November meeting.  Prospective officers are encouraged to shadow departing officers for continuity. 

5.3 Term of Office: Each officer will serve for two (2) consecutive academic calendar years, commencing in the month of November and terminating in the month of October. 

5.3.1 Staggered Terms and Re-Elections: The terms of half of the officers shall be staggered such that re-elections shall rotate in the following manner: Every odd-numbered year, there will be a re-election of the following officers: Vice-President, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large; Every even-numbered year, there will be a re-election of the following officers: President, Secretary, and Volunteer Coordinator; The Student Body Council Representative will be re-appointed annually. 

5.4 Duties of Officers: 

5.4.1 President. The President shall perform the following duties: Preside at all booster club meetings; Call special meetings as needed; Prepare the agenda for meetings; and Perform other duties that pertain to the office. 

5.4.2 Vice President. The Vice President, in the absence of the President, shall perform the duties of that office and shall discharge other duties as may be required.  

5.4.3 Secretary. The Secretary shall perform the following duties: Keep attendance records; Handle correspondence as necessary; Publish meeting notices; Take minutes at meetings; Complete and submit forms as required by VCHS; and Communicate or facilitate communications to the membership and VCS community. 

5.4.4 Treasurer. The Treasurer shall perform the following duties: Collect and record funds; Issue receipts and checks for necessary payments as voted on; and Give a report of accounts at each club meeting. 

5.4.5 Volunteer Coordinator. The Volunteer Coordinator shall perform the  following duties: Plan and oversee volunteer activities; Recruit volunteers; Maintain volunteer records; Collaborate with School Executive Officers on activities requiring  volunteers; Subject to the conditions set forth in Article 3.5 above, ensure that volunteers are current on background checks and mandatory school  mandated certification and training. For each type of event or activity  requiring volunteers, Volunteer Coordinator will request that the  School Executive Officers confirm whether background checks and  mandatory certification and training is required before an individual  is allowed to volunteer. 

5.4.6 Member-At-Large. The Member-at-Large shall perform the following duties: Provide support to the Executive Committee and act as an intermediator party with the membership, including VCHS alumni; and Additional duties as agreed upon between the Executive Committee and Member-at-Large. 

5.5 Vacancies: In the event that an officer cannot perform or choose not to perform their duties for their entire term, the remaining officers may appoint a replacement. The person(s) appointed shall hold office until the end of the term.  


6.1 Committees can be formed as determined necessary by the Executive Committee. 

6.2 Committee Chairs will report on committee updates at monthly VCHS Booster Club General Meetings. 


7.1 VCHS Booster Club General Meetings

7.1.1 Voting for the election of officers shall occur in person during the October VCHS Booster Club General Meeting because new officers are elected by  the Club members. Each member who is present shall be entitled to one vote. Selection of an officer will be determined by a simple majority vote.  

7.1.2 Who May Vote: Members present at the VCHS Booster Club General Meetings shall have the exclusive authority to vote for the election (or re-election) of Officers. School administrators, Athletic Directors, and Fine Arts Chairperson are non-voting members of the Club. 

7.2 VCHS Booster Club Executive Committee Meetings:  

7.3.1 Voting may occur in person during the Executive Committee meetings or by email upon a motion by an officer. All matters will be determined with a simple majority vote. 

7.3.2 If a matter requiring a vote presents itself prior to the next meeting, voting may be solicited via e-mail. 

7.3.3 Quorum: The Booster Club Secretary shall conduct a roll call and ensure that a quorum of at least four (4) Officers are present (and/or participating) before a matter is put to a vote.

7.3.4 Who May Vote: Officers and student representative present at the Executive Committee Meetings shall have the authority to vote on Club matters except for the election (or re-election) of officers. School administrators, Athletic Directors, and Fine Arts Chairperson are non-voting members of the Executive Committee. 


8.1 Fundraising

8.1.1 All fundraisers for the VCHS Booster Club must be approved by the VCHS School Principal.  

8.2 Expenditures

8.2.1 There are two types of expenditure requests: (a) Capital requests which must be proposed by the Principal; and (b) Expense requests which must be proposed by either the Athletic Director or Fine Arts Chairperson and approved by the principal. 

8.2.2 Who May Vote: Officers and student representative present at the Executive Committee Meetings shall have the authority to vote on Capital and  Expense requests. Voting may occur in person during the Executive Committee meetings or by email upon a motion by an officer. All matters will be determined with a simple majority vote. 

8.2.3 Capital: Capital requests must be proposed by the VCHS Principal. Capital requests by the Members should be submitted to the VCHS Principal prior to the next Executive Committee and VCHS Booster Club General Meetings. The Principal will provide a written proposal that includes: (a) VCHS Booster Club expenditure request form, detailing the specifics of the request, (b) a minimum of 2 estimates of cost, and (c) a detailed explanation in support of said expenditure request and any supporting documentation. Capital requests will be reviewed for comment in the VCHS Booster Club General meeting prior to voting by the Executive Committee. 

8.2.4 Expenses: Expense requests must be proposed by either the Athletic Director or Fine Arts Chairperson for consideration by the Executive Committee.


9.1 Power to Amend: The VCHS Booster Club Executive Committee shall have the authority to amend the bylaws in conjunction with the Principal. Any officer or member may submit a written motion to amend the bylaws at any time.  

9.2 Vote: Upon receiving a written motion, the Executive Committee must place the motion on the agenda of the next VCHS Booster Club General Meeting and provide time and opportunity for deliberation. The Executive Committee shall then take the  motion and arguments presented under advisement and set the matter for voting at the next Executive Committee meeting. A simple majority vote of the Officers present is needed to amend the bylaws. 

The foregoing Bylaws of Valley Catholic High School Booster Club was adopted on the 6th day of March, 2023, Beaverton, Oregon, and amended on the 4th day of December, 2023.