Scholarships for Valley Catholic Students

The SSMO Legacy Scholarship

The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon began their ministry in education more than 130 years ago – enriching the lives of thousands of students by this ministry.

The SSMO Legacy Scholarship recognizes the Sisters who are serving and those who have served in the ministry of education on the SSMO campus throughout their rich history.

SSMO Legacy Scholarships are awarded to current elementary, middle, and high school Valley Catholic students.

To qualify for consideration, the applicant must:

  • Be a current Valley Catholic student who has completed at least one year at VCS
  • Have a clear financial need that can be lightened by this scholarship
  • Confirm academic achievement
  • Receive confirmation of their contribution to the VCS community by their Principal or Vice Principal

Middle and high school students must submit an essay with their application that describes how the SSMO Core Values affect their lives:

  • Live valiantly
  • Strive for excellence
  • Honor the unique gifts of each person
  • Celebrate God and Life

Scholarship applications are available in each Valley Catholic School office.

The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon and Valley Catholic School recognize these Sisters for their contributions to the more than 130-year ministry of faith-based education on the Sisters’ campus.

Sister Adele Marie Altenhofen
Sister Agnes Beitel
Sister Agnes Coussens
Sister Agnes Marie Vandecoevering
Sister Alberta Schwall
Sister Alison Green
Sister Alodia McHale
Sister André Campau
Sister Angeline Baker
Sister Anna Evers
Sister Annette Huettner
Sister Annunciata Borsch
Sister Antoinette Koenig
Sister Aquinas Reverman
Sister Aurelia Dietmayer
Sister Baptista Bernards
Sister Barbara Ann Klapperich
Sister Barbara Rose Sohler
Sister Beatrice Rigert
Sister Bernadette Ann Sohler
Sister Bernice Marie Hertel
Sister Boniface Prange
Sister Callista O’Connor
Sister Carmel Crop
Sister Caspar Tanzer
Sister Catherine Hertel
Sister Celestine Snider
Sister Charlene Herinckx

Sister Dismaria Lane
Sister Dominic Crowley
Sister Edna Rae Crozier
Sister Edward Mary Curry
Sister Eileen Webb
Sister Elizabeth Ann VanderZanden
Sister Ellen Therese Berger
Sister Emerita Garice
Sister Emily Bomber
Sister Ermelinda vanDomelen
Sister Eugenia Eberhard
Sister Eusebia Vandehey
Sister Evelyn Schwall
Sister Everildis Storey
Sister Fidelis Kreutzer
Sister Frances Zenner
Sister Geraldine Gauger
Sister Germaine Heuberger
Sister Grace Schonlau
Sister Hugh Copenhaver
Sister James Ritchey
Sister Jane Frances Kaufmann
Sister Janet Slingerland
Sister Joan Rigert
Sister John Therese Miller
Sister Josephine Pelster
Sister Juana Gutierrez
Sister Juanita Villarreal
Sister Juliana Monti
Sister Kathleen Boyd
Sister Kathleen Mary Fery

Sister Krista von Borstel
Sister Lawdean Lamberger
Sister Lillian Keating
Sister Loretta Merzenich
Sister Louise Marie Hermsen
Sister Lucille Nibler
Sister Marcella Parrish
Sister Marcine Frank
Sister Marie Bernadette George
Sister Marietta McGinley
Sister Marilyn LeDoux
Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart Jacques
Sister Maureen Kalsch
Sister Mildred Wolf
Sister Patricia Lulay
Sister Paula Fox
Sister Pulcheria Sparkman
Sister Raphael Tavelli
Sister Regina Koenig
Sister Rita Watkins
Sister Roberta Kunz
Sister Rose Dolores Costello
Sister Rose Mary Heineck
Sister Sara Goggin
Sister Stanislaus Fox
Sister Theresa of the Child Jesus Ruettgers
Sister Theresa Hathaway
Sister Theresa Lan Nguyen
Sister Theresa Margaret Yettick
Sister Thomas Keogh
Sister Thuy Doan
Sister Veronica Marie Templer
Sister Victoria Nuttman
Sister Vincentia
Sister Winefride Koppert
Sister Xaveria McHugh