Middle School Application Process for current VCES students

Key Dates

Oct. 30 | Applications available online

Jan. 9 | Current VCES fifth grade Parent Information Sessions 8:10 – 9:45 a.m.

Jan. 9 | Applicant Question and Answer via Zoom 7:00 p.m. 

Jan. 12 | Deadline for Admissions and Financial Aid Applications

End of February | Decision Letters sent to families

How to Apply

The following accommodations apply to current VCES students:

  • The ONLY step required for a current VCES fifth-grade student is for the family to complete an application via SchoolAdmin by Jan.12, 2024.
  • Current VCES students are NOT required to submit anything else.
  • Once you complete the application – email Molly Teeter at [email protected] to let her know you completed the application.
  • That is it. There is no fee, no recommendation forms, no records request.

A completed application package is due by Jan. 12 for first-round consideration.

Application Package includes:

VCES fifth grade students who are interested in attending Valley Catholic Middle School will be offered admissions according to one of these categories:

Admissions to Valley Catholic Middle School will be granted early for any current VCES fifth grade student who meets the admissions requirements. The notification of early admission will be sent to current VCES students three weeks earlier than outside applicants.

Admission Requirements
Valley Catholic Elementary fifth grade students must meet the standards of a Catholic school: academics, self-discipline, and respect for the teachings of Jesus Christ. In addition, each student must receive the approval of the VCMS Admission Committee.

Students who do not Qualify for Admissions

  • Parents of students who do not meet the admissions requirements (at the time second quarter report cards are complete) should schedule an appointment to meet with the middle school administration team to discuss whether Valley Catholic Middle School is the best fit for your child, if the parents wish to pursue an application to VCMS.
  • Pending the outcome of that meeting, parents who wish to pursue an application to VCMS, their current fifth grade applicant will be placed on admission review. This means current VCES students who do not qualify for automatic admission may be granted a one-semester extension before a final acceptance decision is made. This allows the student to address areas of concern during the second half of the school year.

Notification of admission status for students on admission review will be mailed in early June, immediately following the completion of the VCES second semester report cards. At that time the student will either receive an admission acceptance or and admission denial.

Admission Review
A few students may not be automatically admitted into the middle school program. If that is the case, parents who wish to pursue admission to VCMS for their child will need to schedule a meeting with the middle school administrative team before spring break.

Some students have health-related issues, require adjustments to the fifth grade program, or have an identified learning difference. Given this, it is likely these students will also require adjustments to the middle school program. In an effort to ensure each student is set up for success, we want to meet individually with these parents to discuss their student’s needs and how Valley Catholic Middle School may or may not be able to meet those needs. At the meeting, families will learn about any documentation needed to provide alternative or adjusted classroom expectations before they choose to apply to the middle school program.

Admission Denial
The admissions committee reviews all the files, trying to find a good fit between students’ needs and what the school has to offer. From time to time the admission committee will not accept a student into the middle school program because they determine that our academic program does not meet the student’s needs for a variety of reasons.

These instances do not occur very often and special consideration is given to current VCES fifth grade students.

Valley Catholic Middle School wants to form a partnership with parents to provide the best educational opportunities for students. Regardless of which type of admission category your child fits, we are always happy to talk to you about the program and if the program meets the needs and goals of your child.

Should you have any questions, contact:

Jennifer Gfroerer, Principal