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Two exceptional Valley Catholic Music School musicians were profiled in All Classical Portland’s “On Deck with Young Musicians.” Their interviews are now available on the website. Valiants Ayush Wynkoop and Daphne Tran shared their musical experiences, inspirations, and their deep appreciation for classical music.

“I saw the opportunity to be interviewed for “On Deck with Young Musicians” as a major milestone long before I was ever a candidate to be interviewed. The voices of my musical peers in the Portland area—whether I am acquainted with them or not—have been an inspiration to me, and I am happy to be on the list myself now. I am grateful for the chance to be heard and to share my experience,” said Ayush, a junior at Valley Catholic High School. “Valley Catholic Music School has been the most important influence in shaping my abilities in music and my enjoyment of the art. I feel a sense of togetherness with the community of dedicated students and teachers, and playing in the school’s programs has been a major part o my development as a musician. I owe much of my musical accomplishments, including skill and repertoire, as well as being interviewed for On Deck, to my flute instructor, Ms. Beckie Hocker, who has educated and encouraged me to find joy in playing music.”

“Valley Catholic has given me the gift of music and instilled in me the joy of music,” said Daphne, a sophomore at Valley Catholic High School. “Because of VCS, I believe that making music will always be part of my lifelong journey.”

Are you ready to find the love of music for a lifetime? Valley Catholic Music School is open to the public and offers private music lessons for people ages kindergarten to adult. Visit to learn more and register today.


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