Sister Ellen Therese Berger

In my senior year in high school I decided it would be a good idea to start reading the Bible. I went to a public school and I had a thirst for more spirituality in my life. I read the Bible for a time but then I felt a call to religious life, I immediately put away that Bible. I did not want to hear that call.

It was not what I had planned for my life. I wanted to go to college, get a teaching degree, teach school, get married and have children. I did graduate from high school, but I did not go to college right away. I tried my hand at different jobs none of which really satisfied me except the job at Waverly Children’s Home.

I knew that job wasn’t going to help me reach my goals. After a year and a half I talked to my mother about my frustrations. She suggested that I resume saying the rosary and ask for guidance of what God had in mind for my life. I started saying the rosary and after a few weeks I felt called again to religious life. This time I said yes Lord. But how was I going to go about entering religious life. I didn’t even know any Sisters. I did make an appointment to talk to one of the parish priests. He did help me to discern my vocation. I prayed, started going to daily Mass, and read anything I could about Religious Life in general. I still needed to decide to which Religious Community I wanted to find more about.

I was interested in the Sisters of Providence because of the works they did. I did some volunteer work with them. I also heard of a group of Sisters called the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon. I have a special devotion to the blessed Mother. So I called the Sisters Of St. Mary. I was told that I could come talk to the Superior General. I made an appointment to talk to Mother Consilia. We had a pleasant talk. She wanted to know more about me. She invited me to come spend the weekend with the Novitiate. I came a few weekends later and I was very impressed with everything. I knew this was where God was calling me. I did become a teacher. I enjoyed teaching very much. I feel very blessed to be a Sister of St. Mary.

God called and happily I answered yes.