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Valley Catholic Earns its 7th OSAA Cup

Valley Catholic School is deeply rooted in the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon’s Core Value, Celebrate God and Life. Recently, VCS celebrated a remarkable milestone — its seventh OSAA Cup victory.

The OSAA Cup is the highest award provided to schools by the Oregon School Activities Association. The cup is a symbol of excellence in academics, activities, athletics, and sportsmanship. It has been a coveted honor for schools in Oregon since its inception in 1999. The OSAA Cup recognizes the collective effort of students, teachers, coaches, andan entire school community. Today, VCS stands tall among its peers as a beacon of excellence thanks to its consistent commitment to the Sisters’ Core Values.

Several key figures at VCS emphasized the importance of the OSAA Cup. Patrick Chapman, the VCS Athletic Director, explains, “The OSAA Cup is a representation of overall school excellence. It takes into account athletic and academic success within the school as well as consistent sportsmanship. ”For John Matcovich, President of VCS, the OSAACup goes beyond mere wins and losses. He highlights how the cup recognizes how academic performance, sportsmanship, and values are deeply ingrained in the school’s culture.

Administrators with OSAA Cup
Left to Right: Patrick Chapman, Sister Adele Marie Altenhofen holding the OSAA Cup, John Matcovich, and Dr. Sara Bruins

“The OSAA Cup recognizes important traits that very closely embody the Sisters’ and, in turn, VCS’s Core Values.”

Sister Adele Marie Altenhofen, President of the SSMO Ministries Corporation, has seen VCS receive all seven of its OSAA Cups. She entered the congregation of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon in 1982 and ministered at VCS from 1989-97 as a Vice Principal. She established the Middle School just as they were welcoming boys back into the Middle and High School for the first time since 1905. Sr. Adele Marie beautifully articulates the significance of the Sisters’ Core Value of Celebrate God and Life. She reflects, “Celebrating God and Life means that, in even the smallest moment, one grasps that God and life are precious and warrant an effusion of joyful jubilation.” This profound Core Value resonates deeply within VCS, particularly in the realm of sports. Sr. Adele Marie emphasizes, “I am most especially impressed when a team pulls together to become a TEAM – not a group of talented lone-star athletes, but a group of unequally-skilled players whose energy and focus synergize such that they excel to their fullest potential as a group.”

This unity and celebration of each other’s talents and successes extend throughout the school community, fostering an environment where excellence flourishes. Sister Adele Marie shares, “It is heartwarming to see entire sports teams cheering on the students who are on stage and vice versa.”

Patrick Chapman holds the OSAA Cup on the football field
Patrick Chapman holding the OSAA Cup

Success and Community: The Winning Combination

For Chapman, the success of winning the OSAA Cupis rooted in the school’s sense of community and faith. “Our faith as a Catholic school is so rooted in community and being the best version of ourselves, and the OSAA Cup is a great representation of the same thing,” he notes.

“We win the cup as a greater school community, not as any one individual sport, and we are celebrated because we are striving to be the best version of ourselves.”

VCS’s regular journey to the OSAA Cup victory also requires academic excellence. Matcovich proudly mentions that “academic success is a huge part as well.” Academic achievements, athletic accomplishments, and sportsmanship have been integral to the consistent success. This victory speaks volumes about the dedication and hard work of the students, teachers, and coaches at VCS.

Chapman acknowledges the tireless efforts of the school’s educators, stating, “It’s not just our coaches who help. Every single one of our teachers helps as well. By being willing to stay after class or to meet early with a student to achieve academic success, each teacher is also helping us succeed. It’s a special community award.”

A Heartfelt Thank You and Future Aspirations

Vchs Osaa Cup Presentation
VCHS Seniors with the OSAA Cup

As the Valley Catholic School community celebrates their seventh OSAA Cup victory, they are deeply grateful for the opportunities the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon provided. Matcovich expresses his gratitude,saying, “I am very thankful for the opportunities we all have here at VCS that are provided by the Sisters’ more than 120 years of dedication to their schools.” The OSAA Cup symbolizes excellence, setting a high standard for student-athletes and staff members at VCS.

Chapman sums it up beautifully, “It’s wonderful to have the outside recognition for what we do here in the form of the OSAA Cup. ”In the heart of Oregon, Valley Catholic School continues to excel in academics, activities, athletics, and sportsmanship, all while celebrating the Core Values of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon. Their seventh OSAA Cup victory is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and a celebration of God and life in every endeavor.

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