Mv Web Eom Jan 21

January 2021’s Employee of the Month is Toshimi Sakamoto. She joined Maryville in March of last year and has been a very dependable Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) on the night shift. Toshimi was one of the first staff members who committed to working in a COVID-19 unit when planning for the COVID-19 unit started. She selflessly committed to the assignment knowing the risk it entails. She is always willing to help out staffing on days we are short. She works very hard and is well-liked by both residents and staff.
Toshimi is originally from Osaka, Japan. She moved to the United States in 1994 with her husband and two daughters. She states that she had not planned on going into healthcare when she first came here.  She started out with friends asking her to help take care of their sick family member at home until someone suggested that she take the Nursing Assistant Class. She took the class and worked in a foster home for a while as a care manager. She found out about Maryville through one of her friends who was a resident at Maryville for 10 years before she passed away. She states that the Sisters’ faith and being able to hear prayer and speak about God is very important for her which is why she chose to come work in Maryville. During her free time, she tries to exercise to relieve any muscle tension and she likes to play tennis.

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