Sister Patricia Lulay

I am from a family of nine brothers and sisters. We grew up surrounded with women religious and priests at our family gatherings. I grew up in a very solid Catholic family in a very Catholic small town, Sublimity.

Sister Beatrice asked our third grade class “who would like to be a sister or priest”? Three of us raised our hands and we had our picture taken on the front steps of the St. Boniface Convent. That is my first memory of wanting to live the religious life. I worked after high school but never felt totally happy. God was calling me to religious life, but I had to find my own way by first moving away from home, finding a job, and living on my own.

I moved to Portland in 1970 and worked one year before requesting to enter the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon in 1971
Living a life of prayer, community, and service has been beautiful and fulfilling. All the blessings I have received, over the years, has given me meaning and purpose in my life. Serving others as a way of loving God has been my greatest gift. I am very thankful for my community and all the good we do for the world.