Sister Patricia Marie Landin

One day at Providence Medical Center, where I ministered as a chaplain, one of the nurses said: “I want Sister Patricia Marie to pray for me. After all she belongs to the Lord Himself, and He to her.”

I was humbled and gratified to God for that statement and it gave me confidence that the Lord and I are doing something right in being a witness to love and service to and for others. As I begin to share my story, I realize that there are so many grace-filled moments that make me who I am today.

I was born in Seattle, Washington, toward the end of World War II, to my very good Catholic parents. I was the second oldest of five children. At the age of four, I remember, as if it were yesterday, I was able to pray the Hail Mary and the Glory Be all by myself while kneeling at my mother’s side. At my first Holy Communion and first Sacrament of Penance, I began my close relationship with Jesus and I had a realization of who God really was. It was apparent to me that, no matter who we are or how young, we all can have a close relationship with God if we want it.

I owe so much of my early faith walk to my mother and father, who taught all five of us children how to be loving and caring. Every Sunday, it was off to Mass and then visits with extended family. When I was seven, my younger sister died of leukemia. This changed my life. I realized that heaven is very close and that my sister, Margaret Mary, was with Jesus. Our family devotions of the rosary and scripture reading nurtured my faith life deeply and continues to do so.

While a sophomore in high school, I was attending a CCD class (now called Religious Education Class) and a newly ordained priest came in and told us the story of his vocation to the priesthood. He then invited us to think about dedicating our life to God in this special way, as a priest or a sister, and that he would be available to talk with us if we wanted. At that very moment, I was hit with the Holy Spirit. After class that night, I announced to my parents that I was going to be a Sister. I never changed my mind.

I was able to attend a Catholic high school for the next two years. During that time Olivia, a fellow student, introduced me to the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon. I met Sister Marciana (now known as Sister Ruth Etzel). Sister and I continued to visit from time to time. She then invited me to visit the Sisters at Thanksgiving time. I was warmly welcomed and experienced the love the Sisters had for one another and for God. I went home from that visit and remained open to the call as to where God wanted me to serve Him. On February 2, 1967, I entered the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, where I have grown closer to God and my Sisters through prayer and celebrating Community life together.

I became a nurse and ministered at Maryville for many years. A back injury caused me to seek other ministry. I then resumed schooling and became a Board Certified Chaplain. I ministered at Providence Medford Medical Center for 23 1/2 years before retiring in June 2015.

I love serving God and his people for God is the center of my life – and always will be.

We invite you to enjoy a photo album honoring the life, service and ministry of Sr. Patricia Marie Landin. Sr. Patricia Marie celebrates her 50th Jubilee in 2017.