Sister Alison Green

I’ve always been fascinated by sisters and nuns.  When I was a kid I thought, “They have the best job: they have the greatest boss in the universe, and their compensation lasts for all eternity.”  But I never seriously considered applying because I assumed that holiness was a prerequisite.

As I grew up I pursued different things (college, jobs, guys) looking for something I could dedicate my life to, but I never really found a good match.  So I finally asked God for advice, and within the year I wound up living in Beaverton, Oregon (of all places) where I met the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon.  I seemed to have fallen in love with this order.  I feel so blessed to have found them, and to have been accepted by them.

I still can’t believe how lucky I am sometimes.  Every now and then I’ll be sitting in chapel and just be struck with wonder as I think, “Wow!  How did I, of all people, ever get here?”