Sr. Trúc Grace

Sister Trúc Grace Nguyen

Sr. Trúc Grace Nguyen was born and raised in Vietnam. She moved with her family to the United States in 2000.

During my college years, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, my family and I became active volunteers with the Franciscan Charity, founded by Fr. Hoang Trinh, OFM. I did missionary work with this organization in the poorest regions of Vietnam. We visited the orphanage centers, the leper and disabled seniors’ center, single mothers’ centers, and pro-life centers. Witnessing and encountering these physically, emotionally, and financially disadvantaged people saddened my heart.

A month later, I asked Fr. Hoang, “Why are there so many poor people? Why does God allow this?” He responded, “The poor will always be there. God wants to know how much you love Him.” I reflected on his responses for months and then I said to myself, “Indeed, giving myself in a state of religious life like Fr. Hoang will be the best way to love God and serve the poor. I will go around the world to serve God.” A year later, I went to Vietnam and volunteered for a month at the Disabled Orphan Children’s Center administered by The Lovers of the Holy Cross.

Through years of serving others in education and social service, I have learned that I am very blessed and would like to share these blessings with others. I desire to belong to God in this life and the life to come through serving the poor. St. Vincent de Paul and St. Francis Assisi are my inspiration because of their love for the poor and reverence for nature. I am grateful that God calls me to Himself in the state of religious life!

Sr. Trúc Grace Nguyen, SSMO

“For I know the plans I have for you…” Jeremiah 29:11