Welcome to Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon

The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon are women of prayer, living in simplicity and sisterly love.

We serve our community through child development and education, lifelong learning, elder care, sacred space for contemplation and retreat, and off-campus outreach and ministry.

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Monthly Reflection on Saints

Each month, the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon share the life story of a saint in “A View from the Dome.” Each saint used his or her unique gifts to serve and to honor God. These stories carry “a message about who we are, whom we admire, and what we value.” During December 2014, we honor Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Learn more about the Saints.

"Come and See" Retreats!

For those interested in vocations, we host retreats where you can meet the Sisters and discuss what it means to be a Sister.

December 6, 2014
Saturday - 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Is this moment for you? Discernment discussion groups.

SSMO: What's it all about?

The SSMO Foundation asked the Sisters what it meant to live in community as a Sister of St. Mary of Oregon and we answered. Watch this video to see how our lives of service in the sponsored ministries of healthcare, education and outreach have impacted others for more than 125 years.







Ring Out

The Fall 2014-Winter 2015 issue of Spirit magazine is now available.

With its celebratory theme, the Fall 2014-Winter 2015 issue of Spirit magazine captures the vibrancy of the arts on the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon campus. It also reminds us that, three times each day, the historic bell on the Sisters’ campus rings out with a call to prayer and an expression of good will throughout the world.

SSMO Foundation Annual Report - 2013-2014

We are humbled by the tremendous support that is offered to the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon and their sponsored ministries each and every day.

The 2013-2014 Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon (SSMO) Foundation Annual Report demonstrates how your gifts made a difference in the lives of our students, residents and campus community.

Thank you for your continued support of the Sisters and our sponsored ministries in education, health care and community outreach and service.

One campus. One community.


Bethany Center Speaker Series

Through Bethany Center, the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon offer lifelong learning opportunities to women and men throughout the greater Portland community.

Highlights of the 2014-2015 Bethany Center Speaker Series include:

Lively discussions about today's issues.

History brought to life.

A renewing retreat. And the annual Valentine Tea.

Mark your calendars now!




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